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New Release – 24th November 2019

24 Nov, 2019 | Release Notes

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New Features

Feature 1: Support for weight-based product pricing in DEAR POS

Impact area: DEAR POS Integration, DEAR POS app

Introduction: DEAR POS adds the outlet-level capability to handle weight-based pricing ideal for use in butcher shops and similar stores.


  • Products have been set up in DEAR Inventory.
  • Products in the outlet have been mapped to DEAR products and assigned outlet-level SKUs.
  • The outlet has weighing scales capable of printing the weight-based barcodes (optional).


Functionality: In DEAR Inventory, go to Integrations>DEAR Point of Sale, click the store, then under the Setup tab, set Advanced Barcodes from the default Product-based to either Weight-based or Price-based. Then click the Barcode setup tab to configure the barcodes for use in your outlets.

Next, create outlet SKUs for your products via the Outlets tab. Select the outlet, click Set product outlet level SKUs for advanced barcodes, then either manually create outlet SKUs for your products one-by-one or import a template file with your outlet SKUs into DEAR. For more information, see Managing Outlet SKUs.

On the DEAR POS app, go to Inventory>Products, add the DEAR products to be sold on weight basis in the outlet. When selling on DEAR POS app, add a product to the sales order and optionally set your weighing scales to print the weight-based barcodes. For more information, see DEAR POS Integration Settings and Selling in DEAR POS.


Feature 2: Enhanced Search-As-You-Type Capability in DEAR POS

Impact area: DEAR POS mobile apps

Introduction: The DEAR POS Android and iOS apps have been enhanced with the search-as-you-type capability, allowing instant feedback while typing a query.

Pre-conditions: None.

Functionality: On the DEAR POS mobile apps, when searching for a product under Sell>Register, search for a product using the Search bar. For more information, see Selling in DEAR POS.


Feature 3: BOM Component Details Report

Impact area: Reports

Introduction: This inventory report shows products in DEAR with Bills of Materials (BOM) along with the details of the components under each BOM.

Pre-condition: Products with BOM have been set up in DEAR Inventory.

Functionality: Go to either Reports, then look for the BOM Component Details Report under Inventory Reports. For more information, see BOM Component Details Report.

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