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New Release – 22nd NOVEMBER 2020

22 Nov, 2020 | Release Notes

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New Feature

Feature 1: eBay – Cancelled orders in eBay can be refunded

Impact area: eBay integration

Introduction: Previously, cancelled orders in eBay would cause voided sales in DEAR. With this release, if a cancelled sale has refund data in eBay, DEAR will automatically create a credit note and apply the refund for the sale in DEAR. No user action is required.


  • Active eBay integration

More information: eBay integration

Feature 2: CRM – Drag opportunities between swimlanes

Impact area: CRM module

Introduction: An Opportunity is defined as a sales prospect, requested service or product. When using the Kanban view, opportunities can now be dragged between columns, changing their status automatically.


  • None


  • View CRMOpportunities and set display to Kanban.
  • Drag and drop an opportunity to another column to change its status.

More information: Opportunities – View Opportunities – Kanban Board

Feature 3: New production module reports

Impact area: Production module, Inventory module

Introduction: DEAR’s production module is aimed at addressing the needs of the production process. New production features will provide our current customers with powerful, logical manufacturing solutions to add to their inventory solution. Following on from our most recent releases, we are continuing to improve the Production module functionality and add features.


  • None.


The following reports have been developed to give users further insight into their production process:

  • Actual vs Planned Cycle Time: This report allows users to compare planned cycle time with actual cycle time for all completed production operations, production runs and production orders. Use this report to identify where production time is overrunning, and by how much.
  • Finished Products Wastage: This report compares expected production quantities with actual production quantities, showing wastage amount and percentage. This report measures wastage of finished products defined in a Production BOM. Intermediate products (inputs/outputs) do not appear in this report.

Please follow the links above to learn more about each report.

Feature 4: Production module added to Lot Recall report

Impact area: Reports module, Production module

Introduction: The Lot Recall report shows who has supplied or bought your product lots and batches. It also shows stock on hand of all batches. With this release, batches produced using the production module will also appear on the lot recall report.


  • None.


  • Use this feature to track your lot/batch/serial number usage from Purchase/manufacturing through to Sell. Prepare recall letters for customers in case of a Recall event.

More information: Lot Recall Report

Feature 5: Amazon refunds and returns now supported

Impact area: Amazon integration

Introduction: DEAR supports two types of Amazon integrations, Amazon eCommerce integration and Fulfilment by Amazon. Previously, DEAR Amazon integration did not support Amazon returns and refunds, but with this release these functions are now supported.


  • Active Amazon integration.
  • Sale order must be fulfilled either by the merchant or by Amazon.


DEAR will process the captured refunds automatically every hour. When a refund or a return is captured from Amazon, DEAR will create and authorise a credit note and refund for the relevant sale order in DEAR. Amazon has different fees applied on refunds depending on product and location, which will be captured by DEAR as an additional charge. There will be no restocking done for Amazon returns during processing the returns and refunds to DEAR.

More information: Amazon integration – Refunds and Returns

Feature 6: B2B – Vertical navigation improvements

Impact area: DEAR B2B integration

Introduction: DEAR development team have enhanced navigation options for the B2B Portal. Previously, vertical navigation could show Brands, Categories, Product Tags, or be disabled altogether. With this release, vertical navigation can enable or disable Brands, Categories, AND product tags, including sub-menu items for each.


  • Active B2B Integration.


  • Navigate to Integrations → DEAR B2B → [choose portal] → Navigation and scroll to Vertical Navigation to make changes.

More information: Getting Started with DEAR B2B Portal – Navigation

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