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New Release – 21st MARCH 2021

New Feature

Feature 1: DEAR Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Impact area: New mobile application

Introduction: Each day, human resources on the production floor will have production tasks to complete and finished products to put away. DEAR MES mobile application makes this information available on shopfloor workstations or user devices and allows workers to view required information and execute production actions in DEAR as they take place.

Actions executed in the MES application are passed to DEAR to initiate stock movements and accounting transactions for production orders, production run, capacity planner, and scheduler.


Using MES application requires familiarity with the production module.

MES application requires Android 4+. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Application does not support offline mode.


Users who are specified as production resource can log in to MES. Users can only see tasks that have been assigned to them. MES allows users to carry out the following actions directly from their workstation or device:

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