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New Release 20th June 2018

20 Jun, 2018 | Release Notes

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New Improvements to DEAR


What’s new?


  • QuickBooks sync improvements made to better handle errors/issues and automatically resolve some problematic sync issues.
  • WooCommerce: “Check compatibility with DEAR” button added to allow users to verify if connected store properly supports APi requests from DEAR.
  • API: added webhook type “Sale Shipping tracking number changed” to API management.
  • Printing discounted prices in sales: if discounted price is greater than price as per product price tier, negative discount (markup) won’t get reported as discount
  • Shopify: Added support for multiple location mapping (new Shopify feature). Stock level updates now will update stock for products based on location mapping table and only for locations current product variant is linked to in Shopify.


DEAR POS Improvements:


  • Surcharges
  • Support for serial number costing method products to verify and enter/scan serial numbers when selling on POS
  • Ordering: Generate purchase order from POS for manual set of products or using low on stock data
  • Ordering: Stock transfer order from POS to order stock from different location into current outlet
  • POS dashboard
  • POS reporting. Sales reports, Product performance report, Inventory reports, Gift Card report, Surcharges report
  • POS layout has been adapted for use on smartphone
  • Customize layout on POS register: number of rows/columns for tiles and if tiles should contain images
  • Allow to select Sale Rep in POS sales




  • Added functionality for Purchase Put Away, Stock receiving with PO.


Stock Transfer Module:


  • Added Stock Transfer Order step (can be skipped). Allows to authorise and print stock transfer order. Authorised order works similar to sale order. Allocating stock in From location, and counts as On Order in To location. In Transit status for Stock transfer also counts as On Order in To Location. New statuses: Ordered, Picking. Picking status is assigned when there are lines in transfer details but not yet authorised. API endpoint added to manage Stock Transfer Order. Documentation can be found here.
  • Also we added new notification type and template for stock transfer order.


Assembly module:


  • Added support for manual journals after completion of assembly.

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