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New Release – 17th MAY 2020

17 May, 2020 | Release Notes

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New Features

Feature 1: Production Module improvements – complex operations sequences

Impact area: DEAR Production module.

Introduction: The Production module is aimed at addressing the needs of the production process. New production features will provide our current customers with powerful, logical manufacturing solutions to add to their inventory solution. Following on from our most recent releases, we are continuing to improve the Production module functionality and add features.

Pre-conditions: None.

Functionality: This release’s new production feature allows for more complex programming of operation sequences in the Production BOM. This includes parallel and non-parallel operation execution, sequences which join together and sequences which split

More information:


Feature 2: Magento 2 – Load coupon codes from Magento

Impact area: Magento 2 Integration.

Introduction: Previously, coupon codes in Magento 2 were collected into one product, ‘Discount’, at the DEAR level. This update enables more granular tracking of which eCommerce discounts are being used within the integration via the new Load coupon codes from Magento setting.


  • Active Magento 2 integration.
  • Load coupon codes from Magento setting is enabled. (Integrations → Magento 2 → Setup → Account & cash settings.)


If setting Load coupon codes from Magento is enabled, coupon discounts applied to sales in Magento will be added to the sale in DEAR as an additional charge with name {Coupon code from magento} coupon discount.

If setting is not enabled, the additional charge will have the name Discount.

More information:


Feature 3: B2B Portal Improvements – Discount as percentage, single variant fix

Impact area: B2B Portal.

Introduction: In DEAR General Settings, the user has the option to apply discounts either showing the percentage discount or as a price override. When using the B2B Portal, all discounts are added to the DEAR Invoice as Price Overrides regardless of the setting. This was put in place to avoid precision discrepancies when discount figures are rounded. This issue is fixed with this release.

Fix: When only one variant in a product family is listed, it is now shown as a single product and not as a family with one variant.


  • Active B2B portal.


  • Precision discrepancy may occur when discount % is only rounded up to 2 decimals. This can cause discounted total to differ from total discounted via price override.
  • The system will now calculate whether there is a precision discrepancy when discounts are applied in B2B portal, and if a precision discrepancy exists, it will be added as a line item to the Additional Charges section of the invoice. If there is no precision discrepancy, no line will be added.


Feature 4: New user permissions to hide price and total information on purchase/sales

Impact area: DEAR Purchase and Sale module.

Introduction: Some DEAR customers get their 3PL providers directly involved with their business process in terms of fulfillment of orders. They want to give direct access to their 3PL providers in order to fulfill the sale order, but do not want to disclose the product pricing or sale total information.

DEAR already has a user permission which hides the product price information, but the 3PL providers could still view the sale order total, so does not serve the customer purpose. In this release, we have implemented new user permissions under purchase and sale to control price and total information.

Pre-conditions: None.


Under SettingsUsers & Roles [selected user], the following new permissions have been added:

  • Purchase task – Price and total info
  • Sale task – Price and total info

If Full access is selected, price and total information is visible everywhere it is displayed. If No access is selected, price, order line and total information is hidden from sales/purchase tasks and documents.

More information:


Feature 5: Display purchase/sale order memo on PO/SO list

Impact area: Purchase module, Sale module.

Introduction: Currently, the user has to open each Purchase/ Sale Order page in order to check the comments added to each order. This release makes the comments visible in a tooltip from the PO/SO list by hovering over the PO/SO, without the user having to go into each individual order page.

Pre-conditions: None.


Feature 6: WMS – Control user access to locations

Impact area: DEAR WMS application.

Introduction: Currently, the Location user permissions configured in DEAR have no effect on the WMS application. This means users with restricted location access in DEAR are able to view all locations from WMS and are able to process functions through WMS on sales items for which their access is restricted. This release applies the same location restriction control in DEAR to the WMS application.

Pre-conditions: DEAR WMS Application.

Functionality: Access to locations is controlled through SettingsUsers & Roles[selected user] under Locations. Users will only be able to view stock and process functions in locations they have access to, in the DEAR web application or WMS.


Feature 7: ShipStation – Pass sale order line comments to ShipStation

Impact area: ShipStation Integration.

Introduction: In collaboration with ShipStation, it is now possible for comments entered for sale order lines in DEAR to be passed to ShipStation and displayed there.

Pre-conditions: Active ShipStation integration.


Feature 8: WooCommerce – Shipment tracking information export now compatible with Shipment Tracking plugin

Impact area: WooCommerce integration.

Introduction: This enhancement made a small change to how shipment tracking metadata is exported to WooCommerce in order for it to be picked up by WooCommerce Shipment Tracking plugin. Shipping information is exported to WooCommerce when order has status ‘Processing’ or ’OnHold’. Only one tracking number is exported (e.g. orders with multiple packages will export a single tracking number).


  • Active WooCommerce integration.
  • Shipment Tracking plugin (Paid WooCommerce plugin).


Feature 9: Compact Grid View Mode

Impact area: DEAR web portal.

Introduction: DEAR has introduced a new setting in the customise appearance menu. This allows the user to switch between the current grid view mode and compact view mode, which decreases row height. Compact view mode does not apply to the Reports module.

Pre-conditions: None.

Functionality: Compact UI Layout can be enabled/disabled from the Customise Appearance icon in the top toolbar.

Fixes and bugs

  • Purchase Module: Purchase Orders created from Reorder Backordered/Low Stock Reorder now are created with type (Advanced Purchase, Simple Purchase) set in General Settings. Previously, these would automatically be created a simple purchase no matter what purchase type was specified in the settings.
  • Reports: Date filter ‘Last 365 days’ now automatically changes to ‘Last 366 days’ if it is a leap year.
  • Sales List: Ship icon indicating if external fulfilment service carrier is specified for the sale has been removed due to deprecation.
  • Credit Hold: A logic change has been implemented to improve the user experience. Previously, a customer needed to exceed the grace period AND reach credit limit to be placed on credit hold. Now, a customer needs to exceed the grace period OR reach credit limit to be placed on hold. See Credit Limits and Credit Holds for more information.
  • eCommerce Integrations: Bulk unlinking products now displays ‘Unlinked successfully’ confirmation message when unlink operation completes. Applies to eCommerce integrations which allow bulk unlisting (Magento, Magento 2, WooCommerce, Shopify).

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