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New Release 17-Dec-2017 – B2B, Woocommerce & DEAR Inventory !

17 Dec, 2017 | Release Notes

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B2B Portal –

  • Mass invitations to B2B portal. You can now export invitation links to CSV file and include in 3rd party email campaign applications.
  • Ship to different company added as an option in delivery details during checkout.
  • Added [ContactEmail] mail merge field to the B2B portal invitation email so when a customer receives the invitation and chooses a password they will also know which email they will need to use when signing in.
  • Highlight “New” products using tags. In portal setup page indicate a “tag name for NEW products” which you would like to use to flag as new on your portal. Add this tag to all  your new products or product family’s in product setup page.
  • You now can add extra info to the log-in page screen, you can use this section to explain to a customer for example how to apply for an account or how to log in etc.
  • There is now an option to set Minimum Order Quantity’s per SKU.
  • There is now an option to customise your shopping cart Icon.

Woocommerce –

  • Woo integration has been updated to be compatible with their API V2. The old legacy API V3 will no longer be supported. Main changes relate to the way we now deal with Woo tax rules. The old legacy API V3 method used ‘’tax classes’’ assigned to products i.e standard, reduced rate & zero rated. The new tax calculation logic is now more flexible. You can now choose to calculate tax based on country, municipality, and state. To handle this complexity, you can use Woo’s automatic tax settings which will then be mapped to tax rules within DEAR.

DEAR Inventory –

  • During stocktake if “Zero Stock on Hand Option” is used and a product is selected from drop down or scanned, average cost is automatically prefilled into the unit cost section.
  • Barcode scanning logic reworked in the Stocktaking module to handle a large quantity of scanned items efficiently.

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