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New Release – 16th January 2022

16 Jan, 2022 | Release Notes

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DEAR Systems | New Release – 16th January 2022

New Release – 16th January 2022

FEATURES: Min/Max order size settings for Production BOMs, Accounting dimensions for classifying transactions, camera scanning mode for WMS and MES apps, and more!

Feature 1: Production BOM Min/Max order size settings

Impact area:

Production module


Previously to this release, new production orders could be created automatically from sale orders without considering if this results in adequate production efficiency. For example, it is not efficient to produce less than 100kg of cheese at a time. When a sale order for 30kg is converted into a production order and executed, production is not efficient. 

With this release, it is now possible to set a minimum and maximum production order sizes for production orders automatically created from sale orders. Sale quantities will be accumulated until the minimum order threshold is reached. Production orders can be created manually disregarding these limits if the user confirms their intention. 



  • Settings are configured from the production BOM of the primary product. Go to Inventory → Products → [select product] → Production BOM and click the Settings tab. 
  • New settings are available:
    • Minimum Quantity to Produce Per Production Order defines the minimum quantity threshold to initiate the Production Order creation.
      • When the minimum quantity is not met in a sale order, production order will not be created. The quantities for production should be accumulated until the minimum is met to create a production order.
      • If 0/left blank, there will be no limitation on the minimum size of the Production Order.
    • Maximum Quantity to Produce Per Production Order defines the maximum quantity threshold where a production order should be split into two or more. 
      • Production orders are split at the maximum quantity threshold and the remaining quantity is accumulated until it reaches the minimum threshold for another order. Optimal distribution is not part of this release, but planned for future releases. 
      • If the field is not filled, the maximum order quantity is not applied and Production Orders are created as is from Sales Orders.
    • Order Quantity Deviation % is the percent to which it is possible to deviate from the minimum or maximum quantity to produce per production order. 
      • If set to 0, the Min/Max Quantity to produce per production order will be a fixed quantity.
    • Run Size is a multiplier value which defines the Production Run size.
      • E.g. A production order is created for 100 items, run size = 50. Two production runs are created for 50 items each. If it is not possible to split the production order exactly to the run size, the final run gets the remaining quantity. 

NOTE: Nested orders will be created as per the quantity specified in the parent order, regardless of the nested production BOM min/max settings. 

More information:

Production BOM Settings

Feature 2: Accounting Dimensions

Impact area:

Financial module, Settings


Accounting dimensions are used to tag transactions with relevant information, allowing for more efficient filtering of financial reports. For example, sales could have accounting dimensions: customer groups, type of sale (wholesale/retail etc), branch and more. With this release, DEAR now allows accounting dimensions to be specified and added to transactions. Please see documentation for full instructions. 


  • Accounts cannot be integrated with Xero or QBO.

More information

Accounting Dimensions

Feature 3: Scan barcodes using device camera (WMS, MES applications)

Impact area:

MES application, WMS application


While DEAR WMS and MES support using scanners which can be connected via USB, our customers would find it more convenient to use the mobile device camera to scan barcodes. With this release, DEAR has added this functionality to DEAR WMS and DEAR MES. DEAR POS already has this functionality.  


  • You will need to grant DEAR permission to access your camera, either when installing the app or when enabling camera scanning mode. 
  • Minimum version: Android 5.1+ or iOS 11+
    • MES is only available for Android 
  • Go to the Working Area screen and enable Scanning via camera mode


Click the Scan icon wherever it is displayed when scanning via camera mode is enabled to open the camera and read the barcode. 

More information:

DEAR – Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Using the DEAR Warehouse Management System

Feature 4: Hubspot API V3 full support

Impact area:

Hubspot integration


DEAR’s development team was made aware that the current API integration with HubSpot did not provide an acceptable level of speed and reliability for import/export of sales. With this release, DEAR has now made changes to integrate with version 3 of the HubSpot API which allows making bulk requests for creating/updating/removing entities. This will ensure adequate syncing speed for our customers. 

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