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New Release – 15th MARCH 2020

New Features

Feature 1: Production Module Improvements

Impact area: DEAR Production Module.

Introduction: The Production module is aimed at addressing the needs of the production process. New production features will provide our current customers with powerful, logical manufacturing solutions to add to their inventory solution.

Following on from our most recent releases, we are continuing to improve the Production module functionality and add features. This release’s new features are:

Pre-conditions: None.


Feature 2: New Internal Note Field and Stock Tab with Availability Info Added to Product Page

Impact area: Inventory > Products.

Introduction: The Product page now includes a new Internal Note field and a Stock tab showing availability info. An Internal Note can be used for any information that should not be shared publicly. The Description field can still be used for information that needs to be shared with your customers on your sales channels.

Pre-conditions: None.

Functionality: When adding a new product from Inventory > New Product, an Internal Note can be included for the product.

Internal notes can also be added to existing products in your inventory. Go to Inventory > Products, select or search for the product to which an internal note is to be added, then enter the information on the Internal Note field.

To view availability info for the product, click the Stock tab on the left.

For more information on these features, see the Product/Service Document Header Fields and Viewing Stock Availability sections in our article on Product Service and Management.


Feature 3: New Clone Action for Assemblies

Impact area: Production > Assemblies.

Introduction: The Assembly page now includes the Clone feature which allows copying of the information about an existing assembly into a new Assembly record.

Pre-conditions: Create a new assembly from Production > Assembly.

Functionality: Opening the assembly record shows a Clone button. All your existing assembly records also display this same button. To copy an existing assembly into a new Assembly record, click the Clone button.

For more information on this feature, see Cloning an Assembly.


Feature 4: Decimal Places for Numeric Data Shown in Generated and Printed Reports are Configurable via General Settings

Impact area: Reports.

Introduction: Decimal places in reports in DEAR are configurable via Settings > General Settings. Numeric data in all reports generated in DEAR, including those that can be exported to PDF, will have the decimal places set under this option.

Pre-conditions: In Settings > General Settings > Organisation, set Maximum decimal in quantity to the desired decimal place (set to 2 by default).

Functionality: Numeric data in all reports generated in DEAR, including those exported to PDF, will display the decimal places based on the value set in the pre-condition.

For more information, see Managing Reports and Report FAQs.


New UI Improvements

DEAR announced new UI improvements to make the system more user-friendly and in line with current standards in our 16 February and 1 March 2020 release notes. This week, DEAR Inventory is implementing additional UI improvements in the following modules:

Customers will immediately notice these changes in the aforementioned modules. UI improvements in other DEAR modules are set to be implemented in the coming weeks.

We’re currently updating our documentation to reflect these changes.

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