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New Release – 14th MARCH 2021

14 Mar, 2021 | Release Notes

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New Feature

Feature 1: Production module API support

Impact area: Production module, DEAR API

Introduction: DEAR allows its users to run activities via its API. Production module functions including BOM creation, setting the factory calendar, processing production orders, etc can now be automated via the DEAR API.


  • See the DEAR Developer Portal link for a detailed list of all Production API fields.

More information:

Feature 2: HubSpot – Invoice authorisation date passed to HubSpot as deal creation date

Impact area: HubSpot module

Introduction: Previously to this release, sales in DEAR linked to deals in HubSpot were linked by their sale status and deal stage. The invoice authorisation date/deal creation date were not synchronised. Invoice Authorisation Date has now been added to the list of DEAR fields that can be linked with HubSpot.


  • Active HubSpot integration.


  • In DEAR, go to Integrations → HubSpot Setup and scroll to the Link HubSpot and DEAR sale fields section.
    • Select the Invoice Authorisation Date field in DEAR and link it to CreateDate in HubSpot.
  • By default, the creation date field is not visible for a HubSpot deal. Follow the steps to make this field (or any other field) visible for a HubSpot deal.
    • Go to Sales → Deals and choose Edit pipelines from the pipeline drop-down list.
    • Then, on the Settings page for Deals click on Go to properties.
    • Mark the Create date field as visible in the list of deal properties to view in About this deal section:
    • In the Section editor, mark the Create date field as visible.

More information:

Feature 3: HubSpot – Multi-currency support

Impact area: HubSpot integration

Introduction: Previously, DEAR did not include the currency of a sale when exporting it to HubSpot which caused errors for users with multiple DEAR stores in different currencies. With this release, multi-currency support has been added, currency information is exported during the sale and the issue has been resolved.


  • Active HubSpot integration


  • A multi-currency feature must first be enabled from a HubSpot account with admin privileges.
    • Go to the HubSpot Account Settings (gear icon in the main navigation bar).
    • Select Account defaults in the left navigation menu, select the Currencies tab and then click Add currency.
    • Add all currencies that are being used in DEAR stores.
  • Historical sales will be updated with the appropriate currency upon synchronisation.

More information:

Feature 4: Amazon: Export detailed shipment tracking information to meet new Amazon requirements

Impact area: Amazon integration

Introduction: Amazon is planning the following changes to the shipment confirmation process for seller-fulfilled orders:

  • From April 5, 2021, the carrier name is required upon shipment confirmation via bulk feeds, APIs, or integrators. Some of the commonly used carrier names are USPS, UPS, and FedEx.
  • From May 3, 2021, Amazon will validate tracking details (including carrier name and tracking ID) for ALL seller-fulfilled orders, and show warnings for invalid tracking details.

With this release, DEAR has updated its shipment tracking information export in order to meet these new Amazon requirements and improve the delivery experience for customers.


  • Active Amazon integration
  • Configure carriers in DEAR (Settings → Reference Books).
  • Map carriers in DEAR to carriers in Amazon


  • A new section Carrier Mapping has been added to the Amazon integration page in DEAR.
  • Map carriers in DEAR to carriers in Amazon. If a carrier exists in DEAR that does not exist in Amazon, select Other. The DEAR carrier name will be passed to Amazon.
    • If multiple Amazon channels have been integrated with DEAR, the user can select Copy mappings from to load carrier mappings from another configured Amazon channel. The copied mappings can be edited before saving.
  • DEAR will automatically send the sale order carrier to Amazon after fulfilment is authorised in DEAR. Tracking numbers are also passed to Amazon when they are available.

More information:

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