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New Release 14-Jan-2018 – Notifications Centre, API Version 2, B2B, POS & more !

14 Jan, 2018 | Release Notes

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New Improvements to DEAR



What’s new?



Notifications Centre:


  • Users are now able to get an overview of all notifications stemming from various sources (B2B, e-commerce, in-app sales) to help them become aware of critical real-time information. Documentation on how to setup notifications in DEAR please see here.


API Version 2:


  • We have added to the List of available endpoints:
    – Product Family
    – All reference book endpoints
    – Assembly
    – Disassembly
  • New API documentation can be found here.


B2B Portal:


  • You can now bind your own custom domain to your B2B portal. Steps on how to do this can be found here.
  • Option for customer of B2B portal to email order/invoice from B2B portal to have a record other than just in DEAR.
  • Send email notification to customer when order has been shipped with link to the invoice for downloading.
  • Send email notification to supplier when the invoice has been viewed/downloaded.
  • Email notifications when customer opens and downloads invoice.




  • New report added – Payment Summary Report.
  • Vantiv & Tyro payment service integration completed and is now available for use with DEAR POS.


DEAR Inventory:


  • You can now create coupons within the Product Deals module. Coupons can be issued to customers as part of sales promotions.

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