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New Release 14/05/2014 – Sale order auto-complete, Report customisation, Customer credit limit, BOM Import

14 May, 2014 | eCommerce, Inventory, Purchase, Release Notes, Reporting, Sale

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Auto-completion of sale orders.

After listening to feedback from our users regarding the clicking required to complete the sale task we introduced fully configurable sale process steps. If your business doesn’t require Quote, Pick, Pack, Ship steps, they can all be set as optional.

For those who are selling online and using our Magento/Shopify integrations the entire sell process can be automatic. Once we get a sale order from Shopify it will be auto-completed and the only step remaining would be sending it to your accounting software.

Import payments from Shopify

We also added import payments from Shopify so our users can benefit from automatic order completion.

Report customisation

You can customise our report grids by adding/removing, swapping, resizing columns.
Now your customisations are saved and next time you open the same report they are restored and applied to the report.

Customer credit limit

We have introduced customer credit limit option.
You can specify now what maximum unpaid balance your customer can have. If new sale order is to exceed this balance, depending on your user account settings, you will either receive warning message or the system may even block the sale order.

BOM Import

If you use BOMs you will appreciate new Import/export of BOM details option.
Maintaining complex BOMs now is as simple as your inventory list.

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