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New Release – 13th November 2022

Feature 1: Manually set up the start date for an operation in the MRP Scheduler

Impact area: MRP Scheduler

Introduction: At the moment, if an operation takes very little time, it is displayed as a tiny line on the scheduler, and thus, it is impossible to drag and drop it to reschedule it to the other dates. Therefore, one more option is added for editing operations scheduling:

“Manual Set up for the start date for the operation”.


More information:

MRP Scheduler


Feature 2: New “Quantity” column in MRP Scheduler

Impact area:  MRP Scheduler

Introduction: A quantity column was required in the scheduler to display the relevant quantities used in production orders, sales and purchases.



More information:




To ensure our teams and resources are available to monitor and manage the expected high order volumes, we are taking a conservative approach to minimize risk:

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