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New Release 13-JAN-2019

13 Jan, 2019 | Release Notes

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New Improvements to DEAR


  • Verify the Purchase Order Before Authorising it. Doubtful if there are any flaws in the Purchase Order? The new Verify Order button will help you verify any flaws in the current purchase order and notify the user of any issues found. Basically, this will trigger a quick stock availability check and show the user the difference between the Order QTY and the status of the stock available which includes Stock in hand, Stock In order, Minimum order QTY etc. and based on the values the system will suggest the order QTY for the current Purchase Order.
  • Expense distribution enhances to Purchase Credit note, Stock Transfers and Assemblies. An ‘Expense’ button is added to the Purchase Credit Note tab, which allows a user to distribute Purchase Credit Note Costs similar to Purchase Invoices. Similarly, if you need to spread it through a stock transfer or assembly, you can do the same by selecting the option. However, the expense button will only populate only if the purchase order contains only additional charges with attributed expenses accounts.
  • Filter Reorder Backordered by Location. A new optional field is introduced to add a location to determine where the Reorder Backordered stock needs to be brought into.


  • Avalara IntegrationAvalara is a comprehensive tax-compliance software package that integrates with many business applications, including DEAR. DEAR’s integration with Avalara means that DEAR customers can calculate actual taxes of sales going to specified shipping addresses directly from within DEAR.  To Read more about Avalara Integration, please click here.
  • Automated Discounts. By a simple toggle within the General Settings, a User is able to set up Automated Discounts. This setting will apply the added discounts automatically upon Authorizing the Sales Order rather than having to click the ‘Apply Discount’ button.
  • Sale Location is now a Mandatory field. The Sales Location is a very important field that we have left as an optional field. Now users are no longer able to continue to process a Sale without attributing a Location. This is now a Mandatory Field.

Sale & Product maintenance:

  • Markup Pricing. DEAR users have the ability to set a pricing calculation within the price tiers which will dynamically change its sale price when a significant change in the supplier’s price is triggered.


  • “Backordered items received into stock” Notification. When the ‘Backordered items received into Stock’ notification is turned ON, DEAR will notify the User whenever the sold items whilst being “backordered”, were purchased from a supplier, and the items are received in stock.
  • “Customer Credit Limit Exceeded” Notification. When the ‘Customer Credit Limit Exceeded’ notification is turned ON, The user will receive a notification when an order/invoice total for a particular sale exceeds the customer credit limit value.
  • “Minimum Stock Hit” Notification. When the notification for “Minimum Stock Hit” is ON, the User will be notified when the available product quantity in stock is equal or less than the “minimum before reorder” for a specified location.


  • Increased range of supported hardware for DEAR POS. We are happy to provide our Users with a wider range of hardware and to be able to select the most suitable equipment to set up with DEAR POS. Click here to read more about all the supported hardware in detail.

Product Maintenance:

  • Managing Products in Sales ChannelsSales Channels allows Users to view actual stock levels for their sales channels linked to a product with the ability to check if their products are already listed in their sales channels store or not, if not, they can list, unlist or remove a product from a store, and update the product information and all of these can be done in one place.
  • New Filter in Movements Tab. DEAR will now log all changes made to the inventory list. These logs will allow customers to check any changes made to the available quantity of any product. All logging is done asynchronously to prevent any performance issues in DEAR.
  • Import & Export functionality for Smart Reordering. Going forward DEAR Users will be able to import and export Lead, Safety, Reorder Qty, Minimum to Reorder values through CSV files.

Users & Permissions:

  • Introducing User Roles. With the new User Interface improvement, the DEAR Master User is able to assign other users into different User Roles based on how they operate. One or more users can be added to each Role/Team with access permissions predefined. The set access levels are the same across to all the users within that particular Role, not having to set access permissions individually.

DEAR Partner Dashboard:

  • Delivering the New Partner Dashboard. An overview of all useful information is now available within the new Partner Dashboard. All DEAR Partners are now able to request the Partnership agreement, claim their commissions, View Clients Sales and also get an overview of Clients who are subscribed and who are on Demo/Trial all in one place.

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