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New Release 12-Mar-2017 – New POS Module, B2B Stage 2 enhancements, Landed Cost distribution module, Customer Deposit functionality

What’s new in March?

We are pleased to deliver another exciting release on 12th March which includes the newly developed DEAR Point of Sale, B2B Stage 2 enhancements, New Landed Cost distribution feature and New Customer Credit concept.


DEAR POS Beta can be accessed via Integration>DEAR POS module.

DEAR POS Beta will be available as a web application which can be used on your PC or Mac  internet browsers. Android application is also available for use on tablet devices and can be downloaded from Google Play. IOS version of POS is pending approval and will be released shortly.

Hardware tests are currently being finalised and a list of supported devices will be made available upon completion of testing.

Payment gateway integrations will be added in Stage 2 of POS enhancement.

POS Getting Started guide can be found here

Please leave your suggestions, feature requests, payment gateway integration options and anything else related to DEAR POS here

B2B Stage 2 enhancements

We would like to thank you for your continued support and suggestions for DEAR B2B, the list of functions is growing every day, below is a summary of enhancements in current release:

1.     Download price lists with images as PDF file and excel file with product barcodes, SKUs, names
2.     Add optional product availability report to B2B portal. Customers can check available and order products and prices.
3.     Add optional dimensions, weight, product attributes and quantity based discounts to the product details page when available.

4.     Add optional short description field to DEAR product page to be used along with product name on B2B  product details page.

5.     Add Guest user role which cannot shop, but can browse/print catalogue.
6.     At checkout stage add two options to choose from :
– Single delivery, place on Backorder if out of stock
– Multiple deliveries if out of stock
7.     Show fulfilment status on orders.
8.     Google Analytics support.

New Landed Cost distribution

We have made it even easier for you to distribute costs associated with purchasing inventory. New functionality becomes available upon entering Additional Charges in a Purchase Invoice which enables Expense distribution option. Charges entered in Purchase Invoice can then be distributed across other purchase invoices containing inventory.

New customer deposit concept.

New feature introduces the concept of customer credit and allows creating deposits from prepayments/refunds/money tasks for sales and subsequently allocate them to invoices. Supports Xero and QBO integrations. Further enhancements will cater to stand-alone credit notes.

Advanced sale module now supports prepayments.

Money tasks are now available for Xero subscribers and exporting to Xero.

Please take a look at the following article for details of customer deposit feature

As usual we thank you for your continued support and regular contributions to feature requests. Please keep the suggestions coming.

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