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New Release 10-Dec-2017 – B2B & POS Enhancements !

10 Dec, 2017 | Release Notes

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The following changes were rolled out over the weekend:



B2B Portal –


  • ‘Back’ & ‘Checkout’ buttons added to product info pages to streamline the customer experience. The text of these buttons is customizable.
  • We have added the ability to show short description under product heading on the Product Info pages.
  • The appearance of additional attributes is now optional on the portal.
  • Invitations tab in the B2B integration page now shows all invited clients including date invitation was sent and status of the invite.
  • Status “ACCEPTED” has been added in invitations tab on customer page to know the customer received the invite and accepted On the Invitation page of the B2B integration page the status will be shown as “ACTIVE” when invite is received and accepted.
  • You can now use product attributes and tags in search function.
  • You can choose to hide prices on screen. Users can switch off/on price information without affecting other users.
  • We have added an option to export order list from B2B portal for a specified period.
  • Product favorites can now be added by customers to allow them to save most used products and provide quick access for reordering.
  • Button added in checkout to delete some or all out of stock items from the cart. Please note this option will only be available if Allow Backorder function is enabled & ‘Show Available Quantity’ option is set to either ‘Show Quantity’ or ‘Show In/Out of Stock’.
  • We have added an option to show/hide orders created for a customer outside the B2B portal.
  • Product availability can now be shown in price list. In the B2B portal integration setup enable option “Include Available Quantity in Price List “.




  • Opening cash float can now be entered upon opening register.
  • Register closure report can now print cash operations.

Please Note:

The receipt template has been updated therefore you will need to reset your template if you have customized it previously. Please contact support@dearsystems.com if you require assistance with restoring your receipt template.

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