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New Release 10/06/2014 – Purchase order prepayments, Batch printing, Partial invoicing for drop shipping purchases

10 Jun, 2014 | Release Notes

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Purchase order prepayments.

Current implementation conforms to limitations of existing Xero API interface for prepayments. Since purchase order not available via API and draft invoice in Xero can’t accept any payments we just made first step in automating this process – add prepayment transactions to Xero.

You can create a purchase order with a prepayment in DEAR that would include deposit and show the outstanding balance. Prepayment must be done in base currency only (see note re Multi-currency here ) and option ‘Payments’ on Xero integration page should be set as ‘Pushed to Xero’. When invoice get synced to Xero usual prepayment allocation routine will be used to allocate prepayment to invoice.

Batch printing of Purchase and Sale documents

User can select documents he needs to print with a grid of checkboxes and click on the document to print. This will let user to save time a lot of time compare to previous method of opening each file and printing it individually.

Managing multiple Shopify stores is now possible.

You are now able to seamlessly integrate and manage inventory in multiple Shopify stores. Our simple-to-use interface allows you quickly add your stores, update and synchronise your catalogues (either by individually by product or in bulk) and start selling in no time.

Couple this feature with DEAR’s ability to auto complete Pick, Pack and Ship stages of a Sale Order and you have a completely automated order fulfilment system capable of saving time and eliminating human error.

New toggle in Shopify settings

This new feature allows switching the name used on Sale Orders from Shopify. You have the option of using the company name or the contact name of the person you deal with at that company.

Other items

Document names

When downloading a document the print file name is distinguishable now like Sales Order SO-12345 XYZ Corp.pdf. So if sending or storing these files it will be easier later on to find out what the file content is about.

Item Weight

Item weight have been added to Quote, Order, Pick, Pack and Invoice tables and can be printed on the corresponding documents.

Import contacts from Xero

Users can load contacts from Xero now even there are no any bills or invoices generated for this contact. User will have to tick checkbox “Treat all contacts as Customers” on Xero integration page

Partial invoicing for drop shipping purchases

Add Clone function for drop ship purchases to allow partial invoicing. If your drop shipper can’t fulfil purchase you can create another purchase order for all outstanding items.

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