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New Release – 09th April 2022

09 Apr, 2022 | Release Notes

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Feature 1: Create co-manufacturing production order from purchase

Impact area:

Production module, purchase module


Co-manufacturing is an outsourcing of the production process to a third-party company. In some cases, the merchant does not carry out any production in-house, merely reselling the product to its customers.

With this release, it will be possible to raise a co-manufacturing production order directly from a purchase order, without needing to configure other production features such as resources, shop floors, logistics paths, etc.


  • Advanced manufacturing subscription is required for this feature
  • Create a co-manufacturing location
  • Add co-manufacturer as a supplier
  • Create a work centre connected to the co-manufacturing location and supplier, marking it available for purchase co-man
  • Only available for products with a production BOM containing a single, co-manufacturing operation.


Please see documentation below for detailed instructions.

More information:

Raise a co-manufacturing order from a purchase

Feature 2: POS – Filter out sales representatives assigned to all locations

Impact area:

Applicable to POS application only.


Previously to this release, when a user added a sales representative to a sale, users assigned to all outlets were displayed along with users assigned to the current outlet. A filter has been added to filter out these users and make it more efficient to select from only local sales representatives.


  • Active POS integration.


  1. Sales representatives can be added to a sale and edited from the POS register.
  2. When adding a sales rep to a sale, check Hide users assigned to all locations to display only sales reps of the current outlet.

More information:

Selling in DEAR POS – Add a Sales Representative


Feature 3: QBO US – Capture discount for early payment during sync

Impact area:

Applicable to US users of QBO only


Users of QBO US are able to add a customer discount for early payments of an invoice. Previously to this release, the discount was not being synced to DEAR if added in QBO after the invoice had been synced, leading to a discrepancy between the two systems. With this release, our team has changed how discounts are captured from QBO to avoid this problem.


  • Active QBO integration.
  • QBO US only.


Once an early payment discount has been added to QBO, this will be synced to DEAR as an uneditable negative additional charge with the name ‘order discount’. Discounts can be synced even if they are added in QBO after the invoice has already been synced to DEAR.

Please note that once a discount has been synced to DEAR, editing or removing the discount in QBO will not edit or remove the discount in DEAR.

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