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New Release – 08th NOVEMBER 2020

New Feature

Feature 1: Add existing attachments to sales/purchase emails

Impact area: Sales module, Purchase module

Introduction: Some of our customers require additional product information to be sent to customers with a sales order. For example, the Australian food industry requires product specifications to be sent to customers.

With this release, a new setting has been added which allows the user to add existing attachments for products and suppliers to be added to purchase emails, and existing attachments for products and customers to be added to sale emails.



More information: Email templates and emailing suppliers/customers

Feature 2: Expense claims and receipt improvements

Impact area: Finance module

Introduction: Our users in China require expense claims to be submitted with detailed receipt information that DEAR did not previously capture. With this release, additional information fields and a receipt # have been added to expense receipts. DEAR has also enabled the printing, emailing, and export of expense receipts and expense claims.



More information: Receipts and expense claims

Feature 3: Production BOM for Product Family

Impact area: Production module, Inventory module

Introduction: Product families are used to group together products with similar characteristics but different options, for example colour and size of clothing. Depending on the number of options, there can be a large number of product family variations. Manufacturing a product family requires each variation to have a production BOM, but adding these one by one is inefficient.

Product family production BOM creates a general production BOM for the family (e.g. shirt) but allows other product family variations to be used as components (e.g. fabric). Production BOMs for each variation are auto-generated from the general BOM and the mapping values, saving our users lots of time when preparing production BOMs for many variations at once.



Please see the linked article for detailed information.

More information: Production BOM for product families

Feature 4: Clone Product Family

Impact area: Inventory module

Introduction: DEAR allows you to clone products to speed up the entering of multiple similar products into your inventory. Previously, it was not possible to do the same for a product family. With this release, product families can also be cloned.



Open an existing product family from Inventory → Product Families and click Clone. Enter a new Family SKU and Family Name and click Done to generate the product family. New variations are generated once the cloned product family has been saved.

More information: Product Families

Feature 5: eBay returns now supported

Impact area: eBay integration

Introduction: Previously, DEAR’s eBay integration did not support refunds, the eBay refund would cause an order cancellation in DEAR. With this release, eBay refund will be pushed to DEAR as a credit note with an applied refund.


More information: eBay integration

Performance improvement: HubSpot sync optimisation

Impact area: HubSpot integration

Introduction: DEAR development team have enhanced the performance of export and synchronisation of customers and sales to HubSpot.


More information: HubSpot integration

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