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New Release 07/04/2015 – Woocommerce – Beta

08 Apr, 2015 | Release Notes, Top 10

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As promised in our last update, we have now released a beta Woocommerce integration available in live version of DEAR Inventory. We invite all Woocommerce users to trial the integration and provide feedback regarding usability as well as any improvements you would like to see. Below are some general notes regarding the integration with full documentation as well as video tutorials to be delivered this week.

Woocommerce – Beta

The integration simplifies processing and fulfilment of sales made via your online store and eliminates unnecessary double data entry.

DEAR will import all orders (even historical), products and customers from Woocommerce and will optionally update stock quantities for products you sell online. You may choose to perform product maintenance in DEAR and publish individual product updates or complete a bulk listing.

Customisable Pick, Pack and Ship steps in DEAR can be easily automated depending on your business requirements and will save time and effort spent on order fulfilment. Once the orders are fulfilled all necessary accounting transactions will be synchronised to the accounting app of your choice essentially achieving straight through processing.

Please check Integration>Woocommerce (Beta) page for further details regarding set up and usability of this feature.

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