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New Release – 06th JUNE 2021

06 Jun, 2021 | Release Notes

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New Feature

Feature 1: DEAR MES – Unused Component Transfer

Impact area: DEAR MES app

Introduction: In DEAR MES app, if some production components remain unused after a production operation is completed, the user will be given the option to transfer unused components to a storage location. Transfer orders are created with status Ordered for the unused components, grouped by location.

Pre-conditions: Complete a production operation in DEAR MES app where the required/expected quantity is greater than the total quantity consumed.

More information:

Feature 2: DEAR MES/WMS – Put Away, Transfers with staging bin

Impact area: CRM module, Tasks module (Automation), DEAR API

Introduction: Transfers of finished products and unused components from DEAR MES production operations can now be carried out grouping products by sending location, by destination location, or by order. Bins can be designated as staging bins to facilitate two-step transfers.

This functionality has also been expanded to stock transfers for the DEAR WMS application

Pre-conditions: Download DEAR MES app

More information:


Feature 3: Restock items to another location

Impact area: Sale module

Introduction: When creating a refund/return for a customer, the user authorizes a credit note for the refund amount and a restock action to return items to the merchant’s stock. Previously, items were restocked to the sale location, but with this update, the restock location can be different from the sale location.

Items can be restocked to a different location than the sale location if required by changing the location in dropdown field.

Pre-conditions: Create a credit note for a returned item from the relevant completed sale.


  • Select the relevant completed sale
  • On the Credit note tab, add the incorrectly received or returned items.
  • In the Quantity field of the item line, enter the number of items that were incorrectly received or returned and Authorize the credit note.
  • Select the Restock tab and add the product lines to restock. Check that the Quantity field indicates the actual number of items restocked.
  • Items can be restocked to a different location than the sale location if required by changing the location in dropdown field.
  • Click Authorize to complete.

More information:


Feature 4: Sale view and customer view changes

Impact area: Inventory module

Introduction: Many screens in DEAR allow the user to quickly view information by hovering over a customer entry or product. With this release, this functionality has been expanded to the list of sales (accounting view only) to show due amount for invoices, quotes, and credit notes, and customer list to show customer balance due.

Pre-conditions: None


  • From the sales accounting view (Sale → Sales → Accounting tab), click on the Due field of an entry to view a popup showing prepayments, payments, credit note, and balance due information.
  • From the customer view (Sale → Customers), click on the Due field to view a popup showing the sum of credit note, customer credits, and invoice balance due.

More information:


Feature 5: DEAR WMS improvements

Impact area: DEAR WMS

Introduction: In this release, several small improvements have been made to DEAR WMS.

  • Last used supplier for stock receiving without a purchase order saved as default
  • User name who carried out the receiving action is now saved to the activity log.
  • Success notification message and sound added when stock receiving is completed.
  • Scanner barcode input autodetection added

Pre-conditions: Active WMS Integration


  • When receiving without a PO, the user must select a supplier. With this release, the last selected supplier is automatically selected to save time. The user can return to the select supplier screen to edit supplier if required.

More information:

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