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New Release 01/09/2013 – ShipStation Integration, Product expiry date, FEFO method, Recall report

With our continuous efforts to make DEAR Inventory ‘small business friendly’ we have made a range of enhancements that will be beneficial for small food processing businesses, electronic and medical suppliers.

The new features are as follows

1. Expiry dates which will allow users to assign expiration dates to items.
2. Users will have the ability to check on expired or close to expiry Items with the new “Lot Expiry” report.
3. In the event of a recall, new “Recall” report can be used and letters to notify goods recipients can be generated.
4. First Expired First Out (FEFO) costing method. Make expiry dates mandatory using the FEFO costing method and ensure that the oldest items are picked first. Items with expiration dates can be sold randomly if costing method is Special-Batch or sequentially if costing method is FIFO – Batch.
5. Auto-generated lot numbers and serial numbers for finished goods.

Other items were added on request from our clients

1. New ‘Backordered’ flag on sale invoice to let your clients know that goods will be delivered later. Backorders report now shows all outstanding shipments for a given product.
2. Adding multiple suppliers to the product, adding supplier fixed price vs latest purchase price. User can select what price to use when creating purchase order report.
3. Importers have an option to specify supplier product name along with their own name. It might be useful if rebranding or relabelling is involved.
4. If your business process doesn’t include quoting, packing or shipping you can make it optional in DEAR Inventory as well. Open settings tab and select ‘Skip’ option for irrelevant steps.

Integration with ShipStation

ShipStation is a powerful, yet surprisingly simple web-based, multichannel, multi-carrier shipping solution designed to facilitate the order fulfilment process for online retailers. Wherever you sell, however you ship.

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