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New Release 01/02/2015 – Bin Locations, Extra Reporting, QBO Integration Enhancement

Bin Locations

The efficiency of an organised warehouse cannot be overlooked, streamline your warehouse management through our new “Bin Locations” feature. You can now easily create bins across multiple warehouses and track the exact location of your stock.
Gain more efficiency when dispatching goods as your employees will know exact location of the stock and optimise the floor space management in your warehouse.
DEAR Inventory reporting module has also been updated to reflect the location of your inventory across multiple bins.

QBO Quotes and Purchase Orders

Quotes and Purchase Orders are now marked as completed in QBO after invoice is authorised in DEAR Inventory. Previously these stayed in DRAFT.

Reporting Module

Following user requests we have released a number of new reports:

  • Inventory report
  • Transactions report to aid reconciliation

QBO Enhancement

Products which were created by DEAR in QBO can now be made Inactive from DEAR Inventory.
Email address on PO and SO documents is now exported from DEAR to QBO.

Other items

  • Notes field in Magento orders is now imported to DEAR sale task as Note field.
  • Usability improvement: on mouse hover now all cells in grid show full cell content in the tooltip.
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