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New Release 01/01/2015 – Partner Catalogue, Shopify Integration enhancements, Improvements to Job Costing module

01 Jan, 2015 | Release Notes

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Partner profile editing/publishing and Partner Catalogue

Some great news for registered DEAR partners who can now publish a profile in Partner Catalogue and get instant exposure to thousands of potential clients looking for experienced DEAR Inventory integrators. Partner portal contains a dedicated page where contact and business details can be set and updated.

Editing tax rules and account related data in purchases/sales invoices after authorisation

We always strive to improve usability of DEAR and now allow users to edit tax or chart of accounts related data in sale/purchase invoices even AFTER data was authorised and synced to your accounting software.

Improvements to Job Costing module usability

Users can initiate new sale quote, new expense without leaving job costing screen and have the expense automatically allocated to relevant Job account.
Users can also allocate job related expenses to existing sale quote.

Shopify integration gets new important features

Shopify taxation and payment method mapping can now be performed. If you allow multiple ways for your customers to make payments, you now have the ability to map those payments methods to relevant payment accounts in the Chart of Accounts, all with a few clicks of a mouse.
Tax rules mapping is now also available and caters to specific requirements of users operating in complicated tax environments.
Shopify refunds import is now available.

Other items

  • Added ItemWeight and TotalLineWeight columns to purchase print forms
  • Added AutoAssemble/AutoDisassemble columns to inventory list import/export.
  • Added “Delete unused archived accounts” button to Chart of accounts screen.

DEAR API (V 1.0)

First version of DEAR API is now available, you can get more info on the details here http://dearsystems.freshdesk.com/solution/categories/1000084084 .

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