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New Release 4-FEB-2019

04 Feb, 2019 | Release Notes

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New Improvements to DEAR


Sale & Product Maintenance:

  • Custom Pricing for Customers. Give your Best Customer the Best
    price!  With the Custom Pricing feature, you can freely customise your products for selected Customers.
    The set Custom Prices take precedence over regular product prices at all times. All Custom Prices can be
    set up through the Custom Price tab within a product profile page or through the Product
    Prices tab within a Customer profile page. Custom Prices can be imported in bulk by uploading a CSV file
    following the required format via DEAR Inventory’s Import module.

DEAR Notifications & Paid Modules:

  • Try Before you Pay! We are pleased to let you know that all additional Paid Modules offered by DEAR is now available for trial. Users are able to try out our POS, B2B, API and Notifications modules for free!


  • Auto Disassemble Stock for a Kit Product Within a Sale. Users are now able to process a
    Disassembly on Kits & Bundled products along the unstock process from within the Sale Order itself.
    However, this action will trigger only if the Auto Disassembly option is selected within the BOM.
  • New Status Columns added to Sales, General &
    Accounting Listviews
    . Within the Sales “General view”, users will be able to see two additional
    columns named “Quote sent Status” and “Order sent Status”, which indicates if the Invoices, Quotes &
    Orders were E-mailed to the Customer or even if they were Printed. Whereas the “Accounting view” only has a
    “Sent” column which also indicates if the Invoices, Orders & Quotes were sent to the

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