What’s improved & new?

  1. WMS: During Sale Picking, when a search is actioned for a specific Sales Order, the results will show all Sales Orders, even those that are not ready for picking. This now allows the user to see the reason for unavailability for picking.
  2. WMS: Allows the user to select the Carrier/Shipping method when the user is on the shipment stage in DEAR WMS application.
  3. Xero: Users are now able to generate Reconciliation Report to show any discrepancies between Xero/DEAR P&L and Balance Sheet figures.
  4. QuickBooks Online: The Location/Class can be mapped on each transaction which is being exported from DEAR to QuickBooks.
  5. QuickBooks Online: An option is available for action and to Replace all QuickBooks Online products from DEAR. This will archive all QuickBooks products and will create new products correctly without inventory tracking from DEAR.
  6. Amazon: A new Amazon fee type has been introduced named “Shipping Labels Purchase”