What’s improved & new?

  1. DEAR POS: This week we introduced new DEAR POS Mobile responsive design.
  2. DEAR POS: Product Additional Attribute fields and Customer email/phone are now available as mail merge fields for receipt template.
  3. DEAR POS: Users are now able to use Embedded printing (like cloud print) in POS for receipts and register closure reports, this now expands the range of available printers with DEAR POS.
  4. DEAR WMS: Users are now able to print labels using the embedded print option on Android.
  5. Sale Bulk Actions: When a customer’s credit limit amount exceeds the permitted limit when authorizing a sale, a relevant validation message will now be displayed.
  6. Sale List Bulk Actions: When any issues/warnings are reported, link to the specific sale will now be added to the warning message.
  7. In-App messaging module: We have introduced the DEAR in-app messaging tool that helps connect two or more users with a quick and easy to use service that all users can take advantage of. This can be activated from within the General Settings page.
  8. Supplier Deposits and Customer Credits: Upon invoice authorization DEAR will now check if there are any available deposits/credits that can be utilized and will suggest to use them as a payment option.
  9. Users & Permissions: Bill Of Materials access permissions added.