Tasks module – Tasks module works in conjunction with DEAR Notifications module and allows you to setup a workflow process for a Purchase, Sale, Supplier, Customer, Credit Note, Assembly & Dissasembly’s. Workflow’s can include several steps and user roles that might be required to successfully complete a sale transaction. Roles could be Sales Reps, Accounting Department, Warehouse Staff, Marketing & Management.

New Notifications have been added: Task has been created, Task has been assigned, Task has been completed, Sale Quote created, Sale attachment added (external notification), Sale custom attribute values changed.

Improved import of chart of accounts from Xero/QuickBooks. Now if account code changes in Xero or QBO, the related account code will be automatically updated in DEAR for all related transactions.

Improved handling of different Xero exceptional cases (errors on data export) with better explanation texts on how to rectify errors.

Optional sale invoice attachment export to Xero.

Zapier integration now available – It requires both DEAR API and Notifications module purchased.

Unit Cost field added on product availability screen ( It will need to be enabled from the gear drop-down ).

Sync Short Description field between DEAR and WooCommerce on listing/catalog download.

Ship to Different Company feature has been improved to allow you to search from the list of existing customers.

DEAR POS tax treatment improved: If a customer is selected at POS level, tax rule of that customer will be used by default in the sale if a product has no sale tax rule associated with it at product level.