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Inventory forecasting, purchase orders, optimize stock for multiple warehouses and more!

Forecast customer demand to improve profitability

Inventory Planner puts you in charge of your inventory. Order enough product to meet demand and avoid missed revenue. Manage purchase orders, transfers, and assemblies. Identify overstock to improve cash flow and inventory stock turn.

Sales Forecasting

Make more informed, data-driven decisions on which inventory to purchase and save time on creating purchase orders.

Overstock Management

Identify stock that is not moving and improve your cash flow by promoting these products.

Open-to-Buy Planning

Create a high-level financial plan for your business with Open-to-Buy plans.

Take the guesswork out of inventory forecasting. Take control of your inventory.

Optimize your cash flow and time with an inventory forecast based on sales trends, vendor lead time, and targeted stock levels. Easily see what, how much, and when to order with Inventory Planner’s data-driven forecast.

Managing multiple warehouses? View all of your sales trends and inventory needs in one place. Control what products to replenish at each warehouse and for all sales channels.

Powerful insights put you in control of your inventory. Identify overstock to help you free up needed cash by clearing out what’s not working for you. Compare product lines, brands, and suppliers to see financial trends in your business.

How does it work?

After connecting your store, Inventory Planner will sync your sales history. With additional information provided like vendor lead time and target stock levels, Inventory Planner automatically produces your forecast. Use replenishment recommendations to easily create purchase orders and transfers. Sync POs to DEAR, where you’ll receive product shipments. Receiving information is automatically synced back to Inventory Planner to keep your data up to date.

Key Features

Inventory forecasts based on sales trends * Prioritize what needs to be ordered * Adjust forecasts for seasonal items * Customize forecast settings down to the variant level

Purchase Order dashboard * Easily create purchase orders based on inventory forecasts * Email vendors directly from Inventory Planner * See what is ordered and what is received across multiple sales channels and warehouses

Low Stock Alerts emailed to you daily * Set alert levels for your entire store or for each product so that you know when to order

Forecast demand for kits * Create assemblies * Plan for upcoming promotions to optimize levels of inventory available

All Features Included.

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