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How to Earn More Profits Using eCommerce Growth Hacking Strategies

“How to make more money?” is a question that every business owner had to ask themselves during the pandemic. According to a recent survey, more than 22.2% set up new online stores, and about 27.9% said that their pivots to online selling are permanent changes. DEAR systems inventory management software has changed the life of many among them.

So, what do you do with your eCommerce website for ongoing growth in the future? If you don’t know it, then you must focus on growth hacking strategies.

Growth Hacking Strategy

Growth hacking is a topic of discussion these days. Small business owners look to increase their revenue without spending much money on marketing or advertising, and growth hacking helps them do so.

Many businesses spend a lot of time increasing traffic to their websites but fail to increase the revenue once they get the traffic. But, “CRP Growth Hacking for eCommerce” will make your work easier.

CRP means Customer, Revenue, and Profit. For easy understanding, more customers = more revenue = more profits. CRP growth hacking strategy helps small businesses to generate more profits rapidly.

With CRP growth hacking, there are mainly three levels of optimization. Each level is a path to increase eCommerce revenue for the business.

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Customer Optimization Level

It’s where all the businesses focus, and it makes sense as customers are the most essential aspect of the business. You make most of the money for your eCommerce store from here.



Revenue Optimization Level

It’s the second and arguably more challenging level of CRP Growth Hacking, but here’s where money is multiplied. Successful revenue optimization wants you to shift your focus to increasing revenue for the business.

It doesn’t just mean more customers but also includes increasing the average order value and purchase frequency.



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Profit Optimization Level

It is the bottom-line income level of CRP Growth Hacking and is the most impactful. It includes lowering expenses or increasing the product price, and a combination of both increases profits.

Revenue is not always the most important aspect as SMEs spend a lot of time on Level 1 and give secondary importance to Level 3. It’s not about how much revenue you generate but about how much you keep.

As a small business owner, it’s the worst feeling when you work harder to make profits but have no idea about where it went.



DEAR Systems Growth Hacking Strategy

So, Customer-Revenue-Profit Growth Strategy helps to take your business to another level. If you want more customers, then execute a CRP growth strategy. But, how do you execute? DEAR systems is an all-round Cloud ERP software that does it all. It provides you the following benefits:

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