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Enter a New Era of Purchasing Profitability

Use DEAR to stay profitable and competitive through more accurate, efficient and proactive purchasing decisions no matter which industry you operate in.


Choose your suppliers with confidence based on value and profit. By recording your entire purchase history, DEAR allows you to access comprehensive supplier information, powering intelligent decision-making and minimising financial losses.


Use barcode scanning technology to save yourself time and reduce the risk of incorrect data entry. Whether on stock arrival or during product picks, simply scan the product barcode and DEAR will automatically select the correct inventory every time.


Enjoy the peace of mind that you’ll always have enough stock. With DEAR, you can set low stock reorder points to automatically trigger a purchase order when you’re running low. Meanwhile, our automated backorder feature ensures orders are fulfilled when stock arrives


Simplify purchase order management and gain back valuable time. DEAR makes it easy to upload large purchase orders using a downloadable template – simply populate with your line items and upload to our centralised platform.

All Purchasing Features

Purchase Orders

Barcode Scanning


Bills and Credit Memos

Drop Shipping

Reorder Backordered Products

Multiple Deliveries

Bulk Upload of Large Purchase Orders

Landed Costs

Serial and Batch Numbers

Full Purchase History

Reorder Stock Levels

Purchasing Reports

Pending Purchase Orders

Products Price List

Supplier Financial Summary

Inventory Movement Details

Product Reordering

Products Low on Stock

Inventory Movement Summary

Lot / Batch Recall

Job Costing Materials

Purchase Invoice Details

Inventory Aging

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96.5% of our clients would recommend our services to others

Ross Williams, Many Fold Farm

Ross Williams, Many Fold Farm


"Many Fold Farm is a small cadre of farmers, family members, interns, volunteers, and employees attending to the daily needs of hundreds of sheep and chickens (and a few hogs) happily living on pasture as nature intended. We use DEAR Inventory at Many Fold Farm to track our purchases of ingredients and sanitation products from supplier to final sale. We are required by the US FDA to track lot numbers for all our ingredients and for each batch of milk that we transform into cheese. We have never been subject to a product recall but feel well-prepared with all our information in DEAR"

Arnon Levy, Fashion Marketing Ltd

Arnon Levy, Fashion Marketing Ltd

New Zeland

"Our company are wholesale distributors of apparel, footwear and accessories. We moved to Dear Inventory as it was a well priced, cloud based, pay monthly (SAAS) system that integrated with Xero. Other systems we compared over the years that integrated with Xero were either too expensive, had huge setup fees or didn’t meet our other main requirement. Aside from Xero integration, our other requirement was the ability to create multiple variations within one SKU, what Dear call Product Families. I would recommend it to any company with similar requirements to our own."

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell


"LUMATIV is a wearable technology company based out of Los Angeles, California. Just finished implementing DEAR as our inventory management system that seamlessly integrates with Shopify and Xero. Overall we’re very pleased with how simple and streamlined DEAR is. Takes a little bit (about a week or so) to work through the setup process and get familiar with the system but the support is amazing and help whenever you have a question. DEAR is robust enough to handle our product that has 6 sub assemblies and over 35 parts involved with 8 different manufactures. It replicates real world operations 1:1."

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