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Zapier and DEAR Have Joined Forces for Superior Integration of Workflow Automation

DEAR Inventory Software has been added to Zapier – one of the most powerful and popular tools for automating workflow processes.

With the recent addition of DEAR, Zapier has hit a new level of workflow efficiency, giving users a more versatile, automated, and scalable set of resources for better business processes.

The connection of DEAR Inventory Software with Zapier will improve both platforms immensely, giving users a formidable foundation for workflow automation. Zapier’s zap connections are innovative and fascinating. But when it comes to inventory management, everything is monumentally improved.

Zapier, Built on Zaps

Zapier already brings high-quality automation and integration to the table. Users can link their web apps with just a few simple clicks, and pass vital information from one app to another.

Zapier has developed a vast assortment of channels, or zaps, designed around easy and accessible automation. For example, a new email arrives. A zap action is created which copies the attachment from Gmail to Dropbox. A follow-up action is marked and appropriate users are notified with an alert. This states the email was sent and the Dropbox file was copied successfully.

Overall, Zapier brings more than 1,000 apps into the fold, creating cross-actions and alerts across a wide network.

What does DEAR bring to the Platform?

The connection of Zapier and DEAR is drawing on a flexible and highly-tested pool of resources. DEAR only adds to the large pool of applications used by Zapier and its users.

There are currently just over 10 Zap templates available now which are fully integrated with DEAR. Users can apply accessible, concise, and flexible inventory management with many of the apps already in place with Zapier.

How does this work in practice? Below we look at four main applications and how DEAR is improving and innovating application functionality.


A new DEAR customer is created with every new Mailchimp subscriber. This streamlines customer registrations and saves users vital steps in customer record tracking. It also works inversely, where a new DEAR sale can result in a new subscriber. A new subscriber can be added for fulfilled orders and paid invoices, easing automatic tracking and customer organization.


The functionality is similar within Salesforce. A new customer can be created in DEAR automatically with the addition of a new Salesforce contact. This also works inversely.

The data in DEAR and Salesforce are integrated to cover for the other, providing a more comprehensive pool of information.

Google Drive

Any sale attachment in DEAR can instantly be uploaded to Google Drive. This creates a trail of information to return to, keeping your records organized and clean under one cloud location. You never have to juggle different entry points of data to find what you need.

The above examples provide a brief overview of how, in just a small sampling of apps, DEAR Inventory Software and Zapier are making your life easier. The two are better together, and users can benefit tremendously from streamlined and automated processes designed to help businesses prosper.

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