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DEAR Warehouse Management Gets Better by Getting a Voice (Coming Soon)

10 Jul, 2019 | Business Tips

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DEAR is a robust and scalable enterprise-level system for all your inventory needs. It is designed to work at any level, and this includes the incorporation of massive warehouse spaces and even multiple warehouses. It allows enterprises to cut costs, reduce their wait time, increase productivity, and ultimately fill more orders.

Finding what you need, when you need it, and copying that process over clean time and time again is a staggering challenge. But it is a necessary system to put in place, especially as the business grows and evolves.

The bottom line: DEAR Warehouse Management Solution will make your life easier.

And it is only getting better.

Features of DEAR Warehouse Management Solution Today

Right now, the system is designed to hit all the most vital marks of inventory management. The features are extensive and powerful, and can fit any size and scale. What are the top five most important features of DEAR Warehouse Management:


  • Wireless Scanning: Open your possibilities with quick wireless scanning


  • Serials: Simply and instantly retrieve product serial or lot numbers with a single scan


  • Discover Errors: When ordering isn’t perfect, you will know about it. A built-in alert system will help you discover stock discrepancies. Handle it before it becomes a problem.


  • New Labels: Create new item labels on demand, right there on the spot. It is in easy way to save you countless hours heading back out to the lot.


All of these features seek to help you streamline your processing. Our DEAR System has managed to evolve with the times, deploying new approaches to order fulfillment so you can keep your business on the competitive cusp of the industry. Additions, like guided walk paths, help you pinpoint the ideal way to get around. Every trip is money saved.

And you can’t afford to be relaxed in this area. Quality stock management is an essential piece to the puzzle. In a 2017 e-Commerce Fulfillment Report from 2017, it was stated that about 34% of businesses ship late because products are sold which are not actually in stock.

These leaders have failed at proper organization. They failed at inventory management. Frankly, over a third is absurdly high. They are disappointing customers, leaving sales on the floor, and eroding their business’ bottom line. This is only one area. Quick fulfillment, invoicing, warehouse-to-warehouse shipping, and much more are all paramount to good inventory control.

It is a huge hole that is being left by non-savvy business leaders who can’t fathom the importance of good inventory control – and you can take advantage of their failures.

Adding Your Voice

Every feature above is a worthwhile addition to inventory management. They all work to make your logistics smoother and more efficient.

But what would help improve every feature? What single addition would dramatically reshape the power, influence, and speed of order fulfillment?

The answer is voice command.

We are about to launch the voice picking system which will seek to redefine expectations and create the new standard of performance. Voice picking will allow for instant orders, create a hands-off approach to fulfillment, and result in a better business.

It is just another example of how only the best businesses are thinking ahead. If voice picking is dominating customer behavior, should it not also dominate in the warehouse? It is part of a huge new trend in business, but we think of it as far more than a trend. We see voice picking as a powerful opportunity to help you achieve even better results.

Improve on all the features with the addition of one. Want to know how you can deploy voice picking in your own inventory management? Ask more today.

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