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DEAR Automation Module

The secret to growing faster and smarter is automation. It is the crux of DEAR inventory management solutions, especially at enterprise levels.

Clients who can properly capture automated workflow funnels can really see how fine-tuned and perfected inventory management can get.

Our automation module consists of:

Our system gives you a full set of tools to automate any and all tasks you need within your workflow.

Automation will get you a few steps further a whole lot faster.

Finding and Applying Automation

You achieve automation by creating a new task funnel. These different automated funnels can help you optimize the system as you need.

You can create workflows within the settings. Here, you can create, edit, and review all the workflows you have crafted. This module will help you anticipate future changes and ease daily frustrations from your team. Allow the platform to do the heavy lifting. It is more than a tool for tracking some basic numbers. Enterprises who harness the potential of automation can really see the impact. Their time is placed elsewhere. The team can focus on growth outside, and not needless daily maintenance.

Some of our clients use automation to require management approval if an order exceeds a certain size. Others will create minimum reorder levels so a specific item never dips below a certain point. The same can be created for maximum orders to keep inventory at management levels all across the board.

You can apply all of the above, from task lists to prompts and reminders, to advanced workflow funnels to daily alerts, to take automate control.

More Help

Automation can ease burdens and reduce manual time spent on repetitive and common tasks.

If you need any additional details, you can review our comprehensive video on how to set up a workflow automation for sale. This will provide an analysis of where you can set up an automated workflow. Our follow-up video captures more of the nuances within workflow management, giving you a lens into the backend of managing, editing, and reviewing your sales workflows.

Both videos give you the finest entry-point for getting in and around workflow automation. This will be a pivotal area for elevating your experience. Capture the highest level of inventory flow. Scale your operations as needed to anticipate much-deserved and earned company growth. Automation readies you for any kind of future.

Take full advantage of our automation module. See the possibilities unfold as you work smarter and grow faster.

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