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October 2020

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Gothic Fashion and Jewellery Brand

The Sale Velocity report that was added recently is amazing.

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Growing the Business, Organizing the Back, How Rogue and Wolf LTD Redefined Operations with Inventory Management

Atmospheric and fascinating, Rogue and Wolf managed to cultivate an enthralling and attractive fashion and jewelry brand. While everything was elegantly marketed on the front with a clear image and style, the back needed some substantial improvements. Rogue and Wolf integrated DEAR Inventory Management, and dramatically improved their business operations.

“We could not have scaled as we have without DEAR. We save so much time that we would have needed more staff without it.“

  • The team also states that they are willing and interested to try new modules and features, and are confident with the support they will receive.
  • The results have been staggering. The solutions have provided the team more precise data, more organized tax records, versatile assembly reports, and real-time insights for a clearer picture of the channels.

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