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Food & Beverage

I love how easy DEAR Systems is. It’s just very useful and intuitive and hassle-free, and it’s been great for our accounting purposes as well. It’s a game-changer.

Tamara August
General Manager, Profood Ltd

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Thinking About Switching From TradeGecko Or Another IMS to DEAR Systems? Read this case study.

Migrating from one IMS to another doesn’t have to be hard. With the right approach, and the right partner, everything gets easier.

In this case study, you’ll read about why a burgeoning ecommerce and wholesale boutique food business chose DEAR Systems over TradeGecko, and why Adrian Lai of leading cloud integration company Cornerstone Management says that switching to DEAR is a “no brainer.”

You’ll also find out how DEAR enables Profood to effortlessly scale its systems, manage multiple channels, and seamlessly integrate inventory with ecommerce platform Shopify and cloud accounting software Xero. With manual tasks and costly overhead costs reduced across the board, DEAR gives Profood a single system of record for all its inventory management, creating a business that can be run from anywhere in the world.

  • The single best thing about DEAR Systems is just the ease of business. I don’t need a big team to deal with all the different aspects. I just need to know how to use DEAR. Once you’ve tailored it to your business, it’s just automatic. – Tamara Agusta, General Manager, Profood
  • There’s no way around it. You need your inventory management done. So it’s just a case of migrating to DEAR as quickly as possible. Don’t dawdle – Adrian Lai, Managing Director, Cornerstone Management Group
  • The more I used DEAR Systems, the more impressed I was with it. It even had features that I didn’t know I needed. DEAR really over-delivered! – Tamara Agusta, General Manager, Profood

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