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October 2020

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Camera Consulmables Store

DEAR offered us a solution that does almost everything we require.

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Cinestore Listed Every Challenge in a Checklist and Found Inventory Management Which Knocked Out Every Box

Cinestore had the product in place and the passion, but they lacked many of the backend features needed to thrive and respond. After implementing DEAR, the team managed to get out a platform stressfully tied to the accounting, reduce their lead times, and all-around tackle every little challenge holding them back along the way.

“We have found the more you put into DEAR and use their features the more time can be saved and accuracy improved in what we are doing.”

  • DEAR gave them the time they needed to grow the business, reducing mistakes, streamlining their workflow, and avoiding countless hours reviewing cumbersome spreadsheets.
  • DEAR has enabled Cinestore to easily import all the details of new SKUs and effectively keep on top of them.

All Features Included.

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