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Top Reasons to go with DEAR Systems

DEAR products include enterprise-level inventory management, manufacturing, sales channel integration, reporting and more accessible to businesses of all sizes. DEAR is the platform that gives you everything you need to power your Business.

Integrate VAT-compliant accounting directly into your process.

Save time and labor on every accounting process with accounting and inventory software that’s seamlessly connected to every aspect of your business.

Make insightful manufacturing decisions

With the right data at your fingertips and powerful bill of materials software, cost-effective manufacturing is possible.

Empowering your B2B ecommerce customers.

Saving time and labor on every accounting process with accounting and inventory software that’s seamlessly connected to every aspect of your business.

Sell on multiple platforms,anytime, anywhere

Organize your storefront and drive exponential growth with retail POS software that’s powerful, intuitive and easily deployable.

Save hours of manual work with automation

Say goodbye to time-consuming inventory management steps. Upgrade to software that leverages automation in all the right places, from workflows to report automation.

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Cost Tracking

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Inventory Forecasting

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Inventory Optimization

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Transfer Management

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Co Manufacturing

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Production Reports

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Shipping Management

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Hear what our customer have to stay about their experience with Unleashed

Slow Software, full of bugs that never get fixed properly. Vague passing the buck support and so so so slow. I moved from Unleashed to DEAR - So much better support that care.

Matthew Smith

DEAR is an excellent and powerful system. I have used the trial and been blown away on how easy the system is to use. Customer support has been excellent and they always make sure if there is anything and they can help you with. DEAR has made my business more streamline for inventory management and integrates directly through my Xero accounting software and magneto store. The subscription price for DEAR is good and you get what you pay for and more. Being a could system myself and my business partner can collaborate our work at the same time which was an important issue for us. We did a lot of research on these type of systems and came down to 2 choices. DEAR or Unleashed. DEAR blows Unleashed out fo the water in my opinion and I couldn't recommend DEAR Systems enough. Thank you

Brandon Gross

Gotta hand it to DEAR Inventory, every time we bring on a new customer with inventory DEAR comes through with flying colors. No matter what they are tracking or what their workflow needs to be the app works. We've tried TradeGecko and Unleashed with a few customers and they all struggled. Thought I'd share our experience. If you're on the fence with those apps, chose DEAR!

Rhett Molitor

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