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5 strategies retailers can use to avoid the post-holiday sales slump

The rush of the holidays is exciting for everyone. Cheer is in the air; people are upbeat, and wallets are opened freely. As everyone shares this good mood, retailers reap rewards, usually experiencing a boost in sales. But in the period immediately following this buying frenzy, shoppers buy less, and sales entities can experience a sharp decline in their profits.

This post-holiday sales slump may seem bleak, but there are steps retailers can take to mitigate it, or in a best-case scenario sidestep it altogether. We’re going to explore these steps in this blog.

Understanding the post-holiday sales slump


First, if you’re experiencing a post-holiday sales slump in your company, you’re not alone. It’s very common in the retail industry. During this period, consumers feel tapped out and are reluctant to shop for more. Even if they are still in a buying mood, they want the rock-bottom bargains offered in clearance sales. The problem for sellers is that there are so many sales, it’s hard to compete for consumer attention.

Despite the gains made during the holiday period, the unfortunate results of this slump are a sharp decline in profits, reduced cash flow, and low inventory levels. Additionally, if a company doesn’t find a way to hold on to their customer base during this time, those shoppers could go elsewhere. Taken together, these factors can make it hard for a retailer to recover from the post-holiday lull.

There is hope, however. Below, we’re offering strategies you can take to mitigate, overcome, or completely sidestep the sales slump.


5 strategies to sidestep the post-holiday sales slump

1. Engage your customers.

Reaching out and making a connection with your customers allows you to form a relationship that keeps them engaged with your business. This doesn’t mean inviting them out for coffee; we’re talking on a marketing level, engaging with them via established online channels to let them know you’re around. When you do this, you’re giving them a sense of involvement that can tproduce new sales by making them regular customers.

Engagement strategies include:

2. Market directly.

For a retailer, this comes down to direct marketing, sending out messages that promote the business. These digital flyers remind consumers about your company and encourage them to pay a visit. Put in marketing terms, they drive traffic to the store and increase brand awareness.

3. Manage inventory well

Sales entities sell so much during a holiday-buying season, they’re often left with their stock at a low level and are unable to fulfill orders afterwards. One way around this is to have inventory management in place. Here are some other actions you can take:

4. Encourage customer retention

Here are suggestions to keep your customers’ loyalty so they come back to buy from you again and again:

5. Upsell and downsell


Avoiding a post-holiday sales slump by leveraging retail analytics


For retailers, numbers on stock levels, supply chains, consumer demand, sales, and returns provide a window into the business that highlights both weaknesses and strengths. With this insight, you can tailor policies to get over the post-holiday sales slump, and help avoid it in the future.




Overcoming the post-holiday sales slump is possible with the strategies we have discussed and the right automation and software. Cin7 Core, formerly DEAR Systems, is a good inventory management software that has all the tools needed to optimize inventory levels. By ensuring a well-run supply chain, it can help improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. Thus, it will help you stay ahead of the competition and, pertinently, keep that post-holiday sales decline at bay.

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