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6 top retail POS apps

What’s POS for retail? What’s a POS app?

In the world of retail, a point-of-sale (POS) system is a system that allows customers to purchase and pay for a product for which the retailer normally issues a receipt. A POS app augments the POS system to make the system readily available.


History of POS

Early software, called electronic cash register (ECRS), was developed with limited options. ECRS allowed retailers to track their sales and calculate profit margin, among other related tasks. However, retailers had to work carefully as one mistake could create major issues in final reports.

For years, retailers didn’t have other options, and there were complaints about errors (including incorrect and sometimes lost records) in their daily sales reports. This resulted in frustration and new POS technology was developed to upgrade the process.


The advent of cloud-based systems and POS apps

The advent of cloud-based solutions gave birth to POS systems that are deployed and accessed directly using the Internet. Such systems are compatible with a wide range of hardware including tablets, iPads, and mobile devices. There’s no installation for a cloud-based system (hence a low start-up cost), and information can be accessed from anywhere, anytime as long as there is an Internet connection.


6 top retail POS apps


DEAR POS is easy to deploy and helps in organizing your retail inventory. It works online as well as offline. Backup and storage are included in the package and data are securely stored on the server.

If you have multiple stores, then DEAR POS is ideal, as it allows you to register unlimited outlets at no extra cost. You can accurately track the revenue of each store without incurring additional charges.

POS key features:

1. Customer management

2. Return management

3. Payment processing

4. Security

5. Reporting

6. Inventory management


The Shopify POS enables Shopify retailers to integrate their physical stores along with their online stores, which makes it easy to share and track products and sales easily between both. More retailers are adopting their virtual sales initiatives with a payment processor and in-store POS.

POS key features:

1. Products

2. Customers

3. Store management

4. Payments

5. Checkout

NetSuite POS

NetSuite POS is a cloud-based management suite that enables streamlining and integrates  in-store retail needs of multichannel and multi-location retailers with their POS system, while delivering personalized customer service. Offering a complete view of inventory and customers, NetSuite POS delivers a quality shopping experience and builds strong customer loyalty.

POS key features:

1. Omnichannel retail experience

2. Store experience

3. Mobile POS


Vend is a cloud-based iPad and POS management system trusted by thousands of retailers. Vend has an advanced, easy-to-use interface, and its responsive dashboard makes it quick and easy to sell products to customers. Designed to work with either a mouse, keyboard, or touchpad on a Mac or iPad, Vend is compatible with barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers.

POS key features:

1. Products and Inventory

2. Customer loyalty

3. Real-time reporting

4. Payments


Erply is a cloud-based, iPad-oriented POS system with 10,000 stores on its platform. Designed to support multichannel operation, this POS system allows retailers to focus more on business and less on back-end management. Offering a complete integrated back-end and front-end functionality, Erply is a strong platform that allows customers a seamless shopping experience.

POS key features:

1. Add/Edit products

2. Quick transactions

3. Returns

4. Printing

5. Customers

Revel Systems

Revel Systems iPad POS system is considered the new standard in the point of sales. Its POS system offers real-time insights that allow business owners to track sales from anywhere. Revel’s cloud computing secures data, stores inventory, and updates software.

This POS system exceeds PCI compliance standards, and with mobile device management, you can manage your iPad POS system remotely, eliminating mobile fraud.

POS key features:

1. Inventory management

2. Employee scheduling

3. mPOS

4. Loyalty program


Using DEAR Systems POS for your retail business

A POS system makes it convenient to manage sales, save time, and allow orders for multiple products. Each customer has the ability to choose from multiple payment options ensuring no customers will have to leave your store for one of your competitors just because you don’t provide their preferred method of payment.

If you’d like to test DEAR Systems POS, you can get a 14-day free trial. Sign up now. 

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