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6 Best Inventory Management Apps to Manage Stock on the Go

As a small business owner, it’s no secret that you’ve got a lot on your plate. Between the daily tasks of running your business such as tracking inventory, working with customers, and covering payroll, as well as the more overarching aspects of business such as predicting sales levels and the needed stock numbers in the quarters to come, you’ve got a lot to juggle. As your business grows, you might find yourself moving around from place to place, whether you’re visiting multiple locations of your company or you’re checking out retail locations, manufacturing facilities, and other places that help keep your business afloat.

At the end of the day, you simply can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why investing in a cloud-based ERP solution might be a good option for you, or at the very least, you might consider investing in an inventory management app. This solution allows you to access your numbers in real time, no matter where you are, keeping you in total control of your business around the clock. However, not all Inventory management apps are created equal. We’ve rounded up a list of our top six recommendations (in no particular order) for the best inventory management apps for your small business.


myStock Inventory Manager

myStock is recommended for small- to medium-sized businesses and has a wide number of features that can be accessed through either an Android or iOS device. This inventory management app is quite generalized and allows users to create multiple inventory centers, which is great for continued use as your business grows. The built-in barcode reader makes it easy to scan each item into your app, and you can even attach a product picture to identify each piece at a glance.

Once you have all of your products integrated into the app, you are able to create your own unique product categories, so you can group your items however you see fit. You can then sort them by category, name, or code number. myStock also allows you to keep track of your orders in real time. finally, myStock is a great option even for businesses just starting out, since you can access a basic trial version of the app for free. The paid upgrade does allow you to access additional features, but starting out with the free trial is a good way to test the waters with no commitment. myStock works well but is perhaps the most basic app on the list.


topShelf offers small- to medium-sized business owners an effective solution for their inventory tracking needs. This app is slightly sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing than myStock but still offers many of the same features. One area where topShelf truly stands out is the integration capabilities. The app is able to work with much of the software that you may already use, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce, WooCommerce, Amazon FBA, and more.

Users can access topShelf from either their mobile device app or web browser, allowing access from truly anywhere. This inventory management app offers useful features like automatic alerts for low stock, wireless barcode scanning, and an incredible validation process to ensure that orders are packed and shipped correctly. topShelf is available for use on both iOS and Android platforms, and subscription prices start at $90 per month. Advanced plans cost $120 or $150 per month and include additional features like cycling counting, kit management, barcode printing, and more. While topShelf may not fit into the budget of a brand-new business owner, it’s definitely a great choice for those who have a bit more money to spend on an inventory management app. 

Inventory Now

The tagline for Inventory Now truly says it all: “A lightweight replacement for or a supplement to a high end Point of Sale System.” This app is intended to be a streamlined solution for small business owners and can also function as an additional tool for those who already have an expansive POS system in place. Inventory Now allows users to track their items through every step of the process, from the time they enter your inventory to the moment they’re sold and shipped. Simply add in each item in your inventory and let the app know when you buy or sell. You can also let Inventory Now know when items are being received, shipped, and delivered.

Inventory Now allows users to access as many or as few features as they please. For instance, the “received,” “shipped,” and “delivered” status updates are optional, and users can opt for a “check in/out” lifecycle instead of the standard “bought/sold” option. Additional features include barcode scanner support, useful category and subcategory fields for each item, and customizable item groups. You can even view invoices and receipts right from the app and add multiple users so your other management staff can access the app, too. Inventory Now is available for iOS users (with a full-fledged Android app coming soon) and allows users to manage up to 20 items for free. From there, subscriptions start at just $5, making Inventory Now a great option for business owners on any budget. 

Stock Control

For those seeking a straightforward inventory management app with no extra fluff or unnecessary features, Stock Control is the perfect solution. Like the other inventory management apps in this list, Stock Control makes it easy to add items, create unique groups, and assign each group to its specific storage location. This app also gives users the option to enable shortage alerts for each item, so you’ll never be left understocked or overstocked because you weren’t up to date on your inventory levels.  You can even manage entire groups of inventory at the same time, as well as add notes and detailed information on specific items.

Stock Control is currently only available for iOS users, but luckily, the app developers have made it easy to share your data in multiple ways. Of course, you can access your information through the iOS app on your iPhone or iPad, but you can also put all your data into a spreadsheet to easily access it on your computer (Mac or PC). iCloud and iTunes transfer capabilities make it easy to move your data from one iOS device to another. You can even create PDF catalogs to email or print. Stock Control is free for the first 15 items; from there, users will need to make an in-app purchase to add additional pieces.

On Shelf

For businesses big and small seeking a truly straightforward and simple inventory management app, On Shelf is a great solution. Entering items is a breeze, and you’ll immediately be able to track items as they and see which items are in stock at any given time. You can track your sales and keep an eye on the quickest movers to ensure that you never run out of stock. On Shelf even allows you to submit an order to your supplier right from the app and quickly check new shipments into inventory, automatically updating your figures.  

On Shelf isn’t just about inventory management; it focuses heavily on sales, too, which can help you more accurately predict how many of a given item you need on hand. Sales trends are tracked and can be viewed in terms of days, months, or weeks, allowing you to effortlessly optimize your inventory levels. If you have repeat customers, you can even use On Shelf to view an individual’s purchase history and contact information so you can easily get in touch, even allowing you to email them right from the app. On Shelf allows business owners to not only track inventory but also analyze their figures and adjust accordingly, creating an overall more efficient and cost-effective business.


We’ve dubbed Zoho the “Best Advanced App” on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s complicated. Zoho is a full-scale inventory management app that is easy to use, offers tons of features, and is available at a price point that’s accessible for any business owner. Of course, this app allows many of the vital inventory management features you need at your fingertips, such as stock level checks, barcode scanning, batch tracking, and more. Similarly to topShelf, Zoho also integrates well with big-name companies like Amazon, PayPal, Etsy, and others, as well as offering real-time shipping information from partners like FedEx and UPS.

Zoho is available on iOS and Android devices and is offered at four price points ranging from free to $199 per month. The free membership allows access to 25 online orders per month, 50 shipping labels per months, 50 shipment trackings per month, and one warehouse. All in all, there’s a Zoho package for every business owner, and it’s easy to upgrade as your business grows.


Complement Your Inventory Management with DEAR

Once you’ve found your perfect inventory management app, you might also want to consider a full-scale Cloud ERP software. DEAR Systems is proud to offer the most cutting-edge solution that helps small business owners manage everything from inventory management and manufacturing to purchasing, Point of Sale, accounting, and so much more. We’re proud to serve clients from around the world in a wide range of industries, proving that our expansive software can work for truly any business. 

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