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4 Reasons Why You Should Move Your Inventory Management Software to the Cloud

28 Feb, 2019 | Business Tips

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Over the past few years, the number of eCommerce companies and businesses that have migrated their inventory management software to the cloud has increased tremendously.

For the vast majority of these organizations, the cloud has become the standard choice for software deployment – and understandably so.

Cloud-based delivery of software, particularly inventory management software, has been proven to help businesses stay competitive, streamline operations, eliminate errors, free up hands, and rapidly increase their growth among other benefits.

Here are 4 top reasons why you should move your on-premises inventory management software to the Cloud.

Reduce IT Overhead

Cloud based inventory management software like DEAR Inventory lowers recurring maintenance and capital expenditure costs.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive computer hardware and software licenses to deploy your inventory software.

You are also freed from hiring additional on-premise staff to maintain such infrastructure. This means your business gets to keep a significant portion of its resources which can later be channeled to help meet your core objectives.

Also, since access to the cloud is offered on a per-user, per-month basis, businesses only pay for resources they consume and nothing more. This contributes greatly to your organization’s long-term profits.


Deploying cloud based inventory software makes it easier for your business to adapt to changes in demand without affecting its present users or its functionality.

For example, should you decide to adopt multiple business models, open a physical storefront, or suddenly come into a huge influx of capital and wish to expand your operations to other regions/countries, cloud-based inventory systems like DEAR can easily stretch to accommodate your new business situation by the simple addition of new users or features.

You don’t need to upgrade any hardware or software to accomplish this. Everything is managed by your cloud service provider who will simply increase your business’s IT resources e.g. network, memory etc. from their end to satisfy the new requirements.

In the case of DEAR Inventory, we offer a full-range of features in our core subscription plan, however as you grow or your needs change, several add-on options are available such as our Point-of-Sale module, B2B module, API access, and more.


Moving your inventory management software to the cloud enables you to access data about your business’s inventory at any time. Whether you’re at home or in the office, regardless of the device you’re on, you can access, analyze and even edit all inventory reports from one centralized platform.

Harness Real-time Data

Cloud based inventory management software like DEAR Inventory comes with functionality that allows businesses to capture, analyze and present stock activity data in real-time.

Whenever any of your stores dispatches a shipment, makes a sale, or receives an order, data will be updated instantaneously.

Access to this information helps you make strategic decisions that will positively affect your business’s bottom line.

Many businesses have utilized DEAR Inventory to get real-time analytics regarding their current health, their top performing products and salespeople, and scalable, powerful automation.

Our cloud inventory software has endless advantages for your business. Try it risk-free today for 14 days and see them firsthand.


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