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4 Benefits of a Cloud Inventory Management Software

06 Feb, 2019 | Business Tips

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Cloud Based Inventory System

Does your business still manage its own inventory management software in house? If so, you are missing out on some great benefits associated with utilizing a cloud-based inventory solution like DEAR Inventory.

Perhaps now is the time to migrate, and it’s not as painful as you might think. Here are 4 benefits of a cloud based inventory management system.

Batch Sales and Inventory Data Together in Real Time

Cloud based inventory software solutions like DEAR Inventory are able to batch sales data and inventory data together. It could be done simultaneously and continuously, across every channel and with compatibility with several top accounting solutions and payment processors.

Your current software may be lacking in those capabilities, or perhaps error prone as a result of being outdated.

Cloud inventory software relays real-time operations such as the dispatch of goods to customers, order execution, sales, returns etc. as they happen.

If you have several stores, you can have all the data from your stores synced and transmitted to you on one platform without requiring human intervention. If you have several websites or sell on multiple channels like eBay, Amazon, etc. – you can synch them through cloud inventory software.

In addition to real-time visibility, you can also get analytics on top performing products, which is especially important when your business moves fast, and you need to constantly know about the right products to promote and the ones to focus less attention on.

This data can help you make more intelligent business decisions that will enable you to better manage your supply chain.

Scalability Without Hardware Requirements

Because cloud based software does not rely on your hardware infrastructure, it is easily and cost-efficiently scalable.

As your business grows there is no need for you to purchase more equipment or upgrade your software to handle the extra capacity.

This is done for you by the cloud service provider. On your part, scaling up can be achieved by signing up for additional features or users with the click of a button.

Your cloud service provider deals with the additional resources e.g. storage, memory, network etc. to perform at your desired level.

Leverage Provider Support for Initial Setup

Although cloud based inventory software requires initial data and system integrations with your business, you often get the assistance of the service provider (at least in our case).

As a result, businesses can avoid heavy investments and costs in IT infrastructure by utilising this option.

In addition, cloud inventory solutions require minimal in-house staff and expertise to maintain. A business does not have to dedicate significant investments to hire permanent workers to maintain the inventory system.

That’s all handled by your provider. This means more funds can be channeled elsewhere to ensure the core objectives of the business are met.

Access From Anywhere in the World

Cloud based inventory management software solutions like DEAR can be accessed from anywhere, on a wide variety of devices, through an internet connection. Compared to in-house systems, this provides a business with unique benefits such as:

  • Allows specific employees of one store in one area to access or update inventory data of another store in a different region in real-time from their devices. This eliminates manual data transmission delays that would have otherwise happened if in-house server systems are utilized in the different stores.
  • Allows the owner to monitor all inventory operations from any device and location, and make strategic decisions accordingly.

Whether you’re a multi-location business or even a solopreneur, cloud based inventory software like DEAR can help you streamline your costs, expand your business and, overall, improve your service.

Just be sure to do some research before settling on a provider to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. Start with a 14-day risk free trial of our software and see the benefits for yourself.

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