eCommerce and Shipment

Our integrations with online stores and shipping platforms help you reach your customers making your business truly global. Add new platforms to your sale strategy and use DEAR Inventory as a central point for managing all orders, payments and shipment information for multiple sale channels.

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Easily streamline your backend processes by choosing to automatically complete Pick, Pack and Ship steps of the fulfilment process for each of your sale channels. This functionality is especially useful for businesses utilising a Drop Ship model as entire process from receiving a sales order to creating a purchase order to supplier can be automatically processed in DEAR.


Managing product information updates on various sales channels may become difficult as your product list grows. Easily update all necessary product information in DEAR and push it out to all of your sale channels. In addition your existing product catalogue can be seamlessly synchronised eliminating the need for double data entry.


Transactions occurring across multiple sale channels are synchronised to DEAR Inventory in real time ensuring that you always have sufficient stock to fulfil an order and never lose another sale again.


Given the depth and holistic nature of our integrations each sale channel can be customised to interact with DEAR individually. Choose whether to update quantities in your online store, set a point to capture the order and apply specific tax rules to invoice lines as well as additional charges.


All features are available, connect your online shops and shipping platform