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Real-time sync of inventory availability across all channels

Centralised order, customer and product management

Seamless integration with accounting

Requested a feature and want to be heard?

We are just as interested as you are in expanding our functionality. Check our development roadmap for a list of features added in the last month following feedback we received from our clients



Automate your business back end When DEAR is connected to your Amazon online store or POS, it automatically imports and matches your product listings, orders and customers, significantly reducing the time spent on double data entry.


Central order management/fulfilment

Amazon orders can be fulfilled in DEAR using Pick, Pack and Ship with inventory automatically deducted and quantities updated in your Amazon store (s). Based on the order, a customer invoice is also created and then subsequently imported to your accounting application.
Choose whether to import orders individually or consolidate orders for the day if necessary to reduce the number of transactions syncing to your accounting application.


Tax and Payment method mapping DEAR allows exact mapping between the tax rules and payment terms between Amazon and your accounting app ensuring that taxation as well as payment information is attributed to the correct accounts every time. This helps reduce time spent on reconciliation of payments once these are received in your bank account.


Catalog Management Bulk list or update your products directly from DEAR or import your entire catalog from your Amazon store. Both simple products and variants are supported. As multiple Amazon stores can be connected at once, you able to maintain a master of inventory in DEAR and choose what products are listed in the various stores with each having a separate catalog.



14 DAYS EVALUATION. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. Try DEAR Inventory for free and choose a plan when your trial ends. Check our data conversion and template customisation offer.

Simple Setup

Getting up and running takes mere seconds with highly intuitive and automated design. Simply connect DEAR to your Amazon store and sync products, customers, sales seamlessly in real time. Check our video tutorial and information sheet for more details.

Catalog Synchronisation

Easily load your product list from Amazon or publish products to your online store, either individually or in bulk. DEAR will automatically manage product descriptions and pictures. If products already exist in DEAR, these will be matched to products from Amazon using SKU and products names. For products with variations DEAR will create product families.

Stock Level Updates

Any changes to available stock levels received from other sales channels or from internal sales, purchases or stock adjustments will be synced to Amazon automatically.


Your customer  list will be loaded from Amazon in real time too. It will be sent to your accounting software – no double data entry is required. You can consolidate all daily sales into one sale order. Please see our Development Roadmap for our upcoming user requested features.

Automate Order Processing

You can speed up order fulfilment of Pick, Pack and Ship by automating all or some of the steps in fulfilment workflow. We integrate with shipping applications where you can estimate the cost of shipping, print labels and postage stamps.

Shipment and notifications

When DEAR receives a sale order from Amazon it preserves customer’s shipment preference. When shipment tracking number is available, DEAR creates shipment in Amazon and passes tracking number there.  You can configure Amazon to send notification with tracking number included.


Purchase Workflow

Purchase orders, Credit Notes, Receiving Stock, Returns To Supplier, Un-stock. Import/export Payment transactions from accounting software

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Extensive Reporting

Reporting on Inventory Movement, Stock on Hand, Cost Analysis, Compare Goods Received vs Ordered, Sale Profit Summary by product, customer sales representative, Stock Received Not Invoiced and much more.


Sales Workflow

Sale quotes, Sale Invoices, Pick, Pack, Ship, Returns from customers, Re-stock, Drop shipping, Backorders, Consignment, Recurring Orders, Import/export Payment transactions from accounting software


Enterprise Level Features

Multi-currency, Multi Warehouse Locations and Bins, Multiple Price Tiers, Serial Numbers, Barcodes, Batches, Volume Discounts, Customer Group Discounts, Product Traceability and Expiration Dates, Barcode scanning support


Inventory and Manufacturing

Stock adjustments, Stocktaking, Stock Transfers, Manufacturing of Finished Goods, Auto-assembly/Kitting, Auto-disassembly, Recall letters, Bill Of Materials


Customisable Templates

Invoice, Credit note, Quote and Purchase order templates customization to include your company logo, special terms and conditions, additional payment options, different languages, multiple template versions for different customers and countries etc.

Reach Hundreds of Millions of Amazon Customers

Access a new sales channel

Sell your products to a massive audience of customers you might not currently be reaching. In the U.S. alone, Amazon has over 95 million monthly unique visitors. Signing up will enable you to sell on both our U.S. and Canadian marketplaces.

Build brand recognition

Benefit from an established and trusted brand by selling on Amazon, the company that ranks #1 in reputation as determined by a 2014 Nielsen Company survey.

Simplify and scale your business

Let us handle the heavy lifting with Fulfillment by Amazon, an optional service where we store your products, ship your orders, and manage customer service and returns—all so you can focus on growing your business.
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